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Our Story: Kasey + Tyler Rajotte

March 26, 2018

Our Story:

We met because I was assigned to photograph two bands in one day – Plain White T’s and the All That Remains. Tyler was attending the latter. His best friend won a contest to play guitar on stage with All That Remains and later that week, after I shared the images from the event with his friend, Tyler reached out to me and asked me on a date – I initially was creeped out and blocked him (oops! haha). Upon further review, and his persistence via another social media platform, we finally had our first date. We like to say our first date never ended, because after dinner and talk of rescuing dogs in the future we simply kept planning adventures – we traveled together – moved in together – I trained him in photography – and then a few years later Tyler proposed while we were on a trip together. . . We planned a wedding at the same time I was making Tyler the co-owner of Studio Twelve:52. He took over all of the bookkeeping / numbers, and left his career of being a successful chef to come work as a photographer full-time and hasn’t looked back. I am the balloon – optimist / creative spirit – – – he is the string grounding me – my support / realist. Yet… together we are both very detail oriented and motivated – striving for perfection and aiming to be our best individual selves, as well as the perfect whole. We have rescued way too many dogs haha. You can ask us in person how many pups we call our fur babies – whom are all named after characters in the Marvel Comic Universe (because, YES, we are a tad nerdy). <3 When we are not photographing weddings / engagements or editing / conducting meetings. We are cooking together, watching movies surrounded by puppies or out exploring all of the dog friendly establishments in the Twin Cities. We also donate our photography services to local rescues to help dogs / cats find their forever homes. We may have tattoos (all tasteful) – but we are old souls. We love what we do, because we do what we love – with the one we love.






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Kasey + Tyler

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