Studio Twelve:52 offers Celebration of Life Sessions to terminally ill dogs (as well as other pets – cats, horses, etc) completely free of charge.

These sessions are 30 minutes in length and capture the love / bond between a pup and their human(s) as well as some solo portraits. We recommend designing the session in a way that will simply shower your pup in love and showcase the true essence of their personality. To some this involves a swim in the lake, a walk through a regional park, simply snuggling up at home – or even taking a trip out to get some ice cream and other favorite goodies. We want to capture both everything you love about you and your best friend. Therefore we recommend reaching out and start the brainstorming process with us as early as possible into your pup’s diagnosis.

If you’d like to upgrade this free session at a discounted rate to become a longer session / involve more locations / people / etc. That is always an option. So keep in mind – this is not a normal family session / opportunity to get this year’s Christmas card photo. We are very strict when it comes to these gifted sessions, the focus is your pup, and their limited time left here with you – and capturing that love between pup + family. There will always be some family shots / individual portraits of each family member with your pup – but there will also be quite a few of them solo on their own so we can really provide you with images showing off their personality / essence. We ask for only serious inquiries, because unfortunately this offer has been taken advantage of before – but we will continue to do this for those who really need it and will value the memories for years to come after their little buddy has passed on.

Some may ask why we put ourselves through this multiple times each month – the reason is because both my husband and I have lost childhood pets / pets of our own far too soon. And even though we are photographers and have photos of them all individually, we have very few of us interacting with them – and those are the moments we wish we had frozen in time to look back on forever. So we want to be able to give that sort of memento to our wonderful clients… We want you to be able to look back on our photographs of you / your family with your pet after they have crossed the rainbow bridge and be able to smile, seeing that love you all had for each other – because even though their memory will always live on in your heart(s) – sometimes its nice to have a visual to look back as well. That is why we do what we do. Images to accompany your fur-ever love.

Maddie – Celebration of Life Session

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Celebration of Life Sessions – Free of Charge with Studio Twelve:52

January 24, 2019