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Our photography is very "real". We love genuine moments, and strive to capture the unique, loving and fun personalities of our clients. Our style favors simplicity - clean lines, crisp vibrant colors, and a natural feel. We avoid heavy or trendy editing effects, and instead create classic images that will withstand the test of time. We love that photography allows us to create pieces of art while simultaneously telling a story, and we are honored to have done so for many wonderful clients.


“Studio Twelve:52 creates genuine relationships with each and every client - They go above and beyond in taking not only beautiful photographs - they truly know how to capture FEELINGS. I tear up every time I even glance at my wedding photos - The formals and the candids. They are all truly timeless pieces of art..."

More about Studio Twelve:52

Studio Twelve:52 is based in Minnesota (Twin Cities) and has traveled to: WI, IA, ND, SD, MI, TX, NY, NH, MA, FL, NV, CA & Mexico for wedding and portrait photography services. And is always open to new adventures with amazing people.

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Owner / Head Photographer

Well for starters, I am an incredibly easy going person who loves to laugh - as well as ATTEMPT to make others laugh. I am married to my best friend and business partner Tyler. I live a blissfully chaotic life with him and our puppers - All comic book themed names! I also love to travel and be a total tourist snapping away a million photos at a time. This love for photography was discovered very young when I started to bring disposable cameras everywhere, capturing photos of my grandma cooking for the family, my brother learning to skateboard, my mom and dad slow dancing in the kitchen when their wedding song would come on the radio - you name it. I always felt those were the things I would want to remember... and so, after I'd fill my camera, I would be off to get them developed the same day. And to be honest, nothing has changed since then. To this day, I am still so excited to be able to photograph special moments for others. It's just who I am. I love what I do, and its the only thing I ever want to do. Which is why my story of how I became a full-time wedding photographer is actually pretty funny. I started my photography business my senior year of high school - meant to only be a side job at the time - my focus was on portraits. And even though I knew I loved photography, I was still planning on becoming a surgeon because I wanted to help others (specifically babies). So, I went to college, pursued the medical field vigorously for a little over 2 years while continuing to run my business - however, at the third year mark it was definitely not a side gig anymore - it had grown to be this full-time adventure without me even realizing it. In addition to portrait work I was freelancing doing sports and music photography for various publications. I traveled with bands, photographed MMA events in Las Vegas, and was doing destination weddings - I was all over the place taking photos constantly :) Then one day, after returning to campus after a mini holiday break, I was sitting down to take an organic chemistry exam, when it just hit me like a train - I was in the WAY wrong place. I left without finishing the test to find my counselor to start the school transfer request instantly.  I just loved LOVE and PHOTOS way
TOO MUCH. I finished a marketing / business degree - and 8 years, 300+ weddings later - here I am.
Still a really big nerd for love and special moments. I took a leap of faith - and haven't looked back since.


- Mega big nerd for LOVE + photos
- Married my best friend / business partner, Mr. Tyler Rajotte 
- We love our puppies - All comic book themed names of course!
- Photographer of 8 years
- Originally was studying to be a neonatal surgeon (babies!) :)
- Believes in serendipity


Co-Head Photographer

If asked to describe myself I would use words like, "outgoing" and "bubbly". My greatest joy is putting a smile on someone's face. I am also a true animal lover at heart. My last name may be Wulf, but my all-time favorite animal is actually a tiger - and that's probably because I have a little bit of crazy cat lady in me haha. In fact, I have 2 kitties - Bailey and Stella - but I love animals of all shapes and sizes. I'm a nature gal, who enjoys being athletic and adventurous - exploring and taking in all of life's exciting opportunities. I love being able to express myself through art. A little more of my photography history - Kasey and I actually met in elementary school - but when I moved to a different city we were disconnected for a little while as we were both young and obviously unable to drive. Later on in life we reconnected, I was already a studio photographer for a few years at this point - my focus was in newborn, child, senior and family photography as well so we had lots to talk about over coffee. We just picked up right where we left off. We began doing more and more shoots together, helping each other at weddings - and then the day came when Kasey asked if I wanted to step in as a head photographer with her and focus on weddings. There was no hesitation. I love everything about photography - the shooting, creativity, people, you name it. Our focus is definitely geared towards weddings at Studio Twelve:52, however, I definitely maintain a love for portrait work as that was where my shooting experiences all began. I love everything about what we're doing as a team. The emphasis on love and family here, building those close bonds with our clients - it makes it so rewarding. I see shooting sessions and weddings as a great honor. It helps we have the greatest clients! 

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- Crazy cat lady of Studio Twelve:52, I have 2 kitties :) - - - but I love animals of all shapes and sizes.
- I've actually known Kasey almost my whole life, we were friends long before co-head photographers
- I love nature and searching for new adventures while traveling


Accounts / Second Shooter

I am a nerd what can I say... I love my comics, hence the appropriately named dogs my wife mentioned earlier in her section. Video games, cooking, music, and sports - SKOL! My love for music is actually what ultimately lead me to my wife. She was photographing Plain White T's and 93X X-fest both in one day, and at the latter event she happened to photograph my buddy who won a contest to play guitar with one of the main acts that day (All That Remains)... She was super caring and sought him out so he could have photos of such a cool opportunity and I knew I had to make a move. The rest is history. The moment her business started taking off I knew I had to leave my line of work, chef, to help out permanently. For the first few months of helping out I was strictly the accounts manager for our clients but have since actually been second shooting weddings, assisting at sessions - and I also actually help create timelines for our couples. With my knowledge of catering weddings, it actually all just meshed together really well haha. I love having such a big role in Studio Twelve:52, it is a passion I never saw coming, but now couldn't live without. Second shooting for Kasey and/or Christina is awesome. They're both such caring and thoughtful individuals and their creativity is inspiring. Truly, their close friendship and very thorough and personal practice makes it a joy to go to work with them everyday. I am a man of few words, what can I say ha. But in all honestly, we love what we do here, and I can't stress that enough. We take so much pride in our photos, our relationships with our clients - all of it. 


- Lover of comics, video games, cooking, music, and sports (SKOL)
- Was a chef, left to join Studio Twelve:52 when it kept growing haha
- I am not so secretly very proud of my wife. I swear she's Wonder Woman almost everyday
- Enjoy using my knowledge of catering weddings to help our couples plan out their big day

pet friendly

Dogs, cats, horses . . . hedgehogs!? Studio Twelve:52 is 110% pet friendly. We have animals of our own which we proudly refer to as our fur-babies, so we totally get it if you want to include yours in a session with us - or even have them be a part of the big day. We are not afraid to dance around with treats and make all sorts of sounds to get them to smile at the camera too :)


meg & scott

I literally cannot say enough good things about Studio Twelve:52.

Kasey's response time is practically immediate. Which is great for bridal anxiety! I'm kind of a head case as it is, but she made me feel totally comfortable! She's fast and efficient and yet puts such thought and care into each and every photo. It seems like a paradox, but after working with her, I've seen that she often defies the odds of what seems possible. She has such a can-do attitude. She wants every photo to be 100% "you" but then has thousands of suggestions and ideas should you come up short or draw a blank on what you want. She went SO above and beyond the all of duty for a photographer. She's been to so many weddings, that she seems to be an expert in pretty much any wedding-related topic!! 

I could go on forever, but all I can say is..BOOK NOW!!! You will NOT regret it!


My fiancé and I worry about everything, so when it came time to find a photographer for our wedding/engagement photos, we were stressed to say the least. There are thousands of people to choose from, but we both feel extremely lucky to have found Kasey and Studio Twelve:52. They truly are the best of the best - there really is no better option than this team right here! Not only is Kasey an absolutely incredible talent, but to top it off she is hilarious, so sweet and made us feel at ease and wiped all our worries away. We had a great time and are in complete awe of the beautiful photos she provided us with. Thank you Kasey, Tyler, Christina and your behind the scenes editing team (Marvel, Loki, Nova and Storm). Without you all, the wedding world (and just the world in general) would be filled with so much less glitter, sparkle and love.

jessy & Miles


 I seriously can't put into words how happy I am that I found Studio Twelve:52.

We had two photographers and they were amazing amazing and more amazing!! They made us all feel SO comfortable and were hilarious. They listened to all our wants and went above and beyond (Our head photographer Christina even laid on the floor to get a super unique cheers-ing shot from down below). Working with Kasey beforehand was awesome. She spent numerous email and phone chats with me to make sure our day went by without a hitch. She was so so so helpful the entire process and immediate with responses. I can't say enough good things about their entire team. I should add one of my favorite memories was looking at the dance floor and finding one of their second shooters, Chris, dancing with our 11 month old daughter to make her smile!

Erin & david


We had a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta with a reception back in Minnesota. We worked with Studio Twelve:52 and honestly, choosing them was one of the best decisions we made. We decided early on that we wanted to bring our photographer to Mexico because pictures are one of the most important parts of your day. I had seen a few pictures the hotel photographer had done and I was not impressed nor were they my style. Christina was our photographer for our engagement session, wedding in Puerto Vallarta and our reception back in Minnesota and Kasey did all the editing. We are both people who hate taking pictures, but Christina made it fun and relaxed and really helped calm our nerves. Every picture we have received back has been absolute perfection and we have gotten SOOO many compliments on them! If you are looking for a photographer, please consider Studio Twelve:52. Absolutely AMAZING!

Elizabeth & Chad


A lot of the influence for Studio Twelve:52's more photojournalistic style actually comes from Kasey and Christina also being music photographers? Kasey and Christina annually cover various festivals across the country - and Kasey recently even had her images of Blake Shelton published in US Weekly!

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